South Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

South Allegheny County, PA Real Estate, Area and Community Information

Communities Include - Bethel Park, Mt. Lebanon, Peters Township, Scott Township, South Park Township, and Upper St. Clair 

Allegheny County is one of the largest counties in the state of Pennsylvania, and it is oftentimes divided into what is known as North Allegheny County and South Allegheny County. No matter whether you prefer traditional South Allegheny County homes or more modern-styled South Allegheny County PA real estate, you're sure to find homes for sale in South Allegheny County suit your preferences, needs and budget.


Allegheny County is  the first county in the state of Pennsylvania to ever be given a Native American name. Allegheny County is named after the Allegheny River with "Allegheny" being a word of Lenape tribe origin. The word means "fine river" in the Lenape language, but is sometimes also used to refer to an ancient mythical tribe known as the "Allegewi." The Allegewi are purported to have lived along the river prior the Lenape tribe settling the area.

Parks and Recreation

The South Allegheny County home buyer who looks forward to picnics and walks in the park will be delighted at the many parks in the southern part of the county. Round Hill Park, North Buena Vista Historical Site, Butlers Golf Course, South Park, Boyce Mayview Park and Settlers Cabin Park are just a few of the parks and recreational centers located in the southern part of the county.

Attractions and Activities

South Allegheny County properties are located near many attractions and activities. All the real estate in the county has convenient access to all that Pittsburgh has to offer, but there are certain attractions that are located right in the Southern part of the county.



There are numerous events that take place in the Allegheny County all the time. No matter what time of year you are sure to find something that may interest you. From craft shows and fairs to annual or seasonal community events there is always something happening in South Allegheny County.
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