Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA - Area and Community Information

Pittsburgh has made its way onto many lists of America's most livable cities. Its high livability is a result of thriving industry, a diverse cultural scene and the presence of many colleges. With outdoor recreation and a track record for environmental responsibility, Pittsburgh is certain to remain a popular choice for new homeowners both now and in many years to come. 

A Long and Illustrious History

Pittsburgh's location at the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers made it hotly contested territory in America's earliest years. Even when the U.S. solidified its claim, Pennsylvania and Virginia still disputed which state Pittsburgh belonged to. Eventually, the Mason-Dixon Line was drawn farther westward, and Pittsburgh became a part of Pennsylvania for good. The city grew quickly, and the steel industry came in 1875, which shaped the city. Pittsburgh became known as the Steel City, but industry in the region is more diversified today with high tech firms like Apple and Google and nine Fortune 500 companies.

Great Parks and Green Spaces

With a large population, parks and green spaces are an indispensable part of Pittsburgh's cityscape. Facilities at the many parks include basketball and tennis courts, swimming pools, hockey courts and playgrounds. Other parks department facilities include community centers where people can participate in a wide variety of fun and educational classes and events. Though Pittsburgh is a large city, its parks make it feel smaller and more intimate, offering as they do opportunities for neighbors to get together to enjoy community events.

Unparalleled Attractions

Pittsburgh's status as a major destination since before the American Revolution means that it boasts a stunning diversity of things to do and other artistic, cultural and historical attractions. Culturally minded residents enjoy regular performances by troupes such as the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Opera and Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. Several renowned acting companies have permanent homes here and institutions like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History attract locals and visitors alike. Pittsburgh is also a great city for sports fans with MLB, NFL and NHL teams all being represented.

Festivals in Every Season

The people of Pittsburgh love a good party, and they enjoy many events and festivals throughout the year. Annual events such as the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June and the Renaissance Festival in September are just two of the highlights. Each holiday also brings another great opportunity to enjoy good food, live music and community togetherness.
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