North Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

North Allegheny County, PA Real Estate, Area and Community Information

Communities Include - Wexford, McCandless, Ross Township, Cranberry Township, Hampton Township, Penn Hills, Moon 

Residents of North Allegheny County experience a unique local atmosphere. In the Cities and Townships found within the county residents enjoy all the "big city" amenities afforded by living within the greater Pittsburgh area without many of the big city problems. In these communities you will find a special small town warmth and charm and a quality of life envied throughout the nation.

There are plenty of lovely North Allegheny County homes available for first-time home buyers and other interested buyers. Home buyers will fall in love the with the many wonderful communities and North Allegheny County properties listed for sale on the market. With all of the choices available in North Allegheny County you are sure to find a place to call home for years to come.


North Allegheny County is one of the most historic counties in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The area was home to Native Americans before British settlements began to take over. As such, it should come as no surprise that the county received its name after a Native American term, "Allegheny." North Allegheny County homes for sale are located in what is oftentimes referred to as the North Hills of the county. The actual county of Allegheny was created in 1788 and was formed as a result of pressure from the people who were living in the Pittsburgh area who wanted a place to call home. 

Parks and Recreation

The North Allegheny County home buyer who envisions having picnics in the park and walking his or her dog along the park lands in the county won't be disappointed with the many parks and recreational areas that are scattered throughout the northern part of Allegheny Country. North Allegheny County is home to many wonderful parks such as North Park, Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny Islands State Park, and Hartwood Acres.

Attractions and Activities

The communities and homes in North Allegheny County are in a beautiful but more rural / suburban part of the county. This much-coveted small town lifestyle in combination with the convenient proximity to many attractions and activities make homes in North Allegheny County superb for those who wish to have a more laid back lifestyle all-the-while remaining close to all that Pittsburgh and the rest of the county has to offer.

Despite the more suburban feel there are certain attractions that are located right in the northern part of the county. Those attractions include the Wildwood Highlands, the McCandless Township War Memorial, the Wagman Observatory and the Depreciation Lands Museum


Of course, there are many events that take place throughout the entire county year-round. No matter what time of year you are sure to find something that may interest you. From craft shows and fairs to annual or seasonal community events there is always something happening in North Allegheny County.
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