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Located in the center of the North Hills of Allegheny County, McCandless, prides itself in offering country style living combined with a diverse population. There are many opportunities for those who relocating to McCandless including employment, recreational opportunities as well as a multitude of ways to involve oneself in the community. Right Direction Real Estate is happy to guide you in finding the perfect McCandless home that offers you everything you want and need in your new location.


McCandless residents are very proud of a heritage which dates back to the early settlers. Originally home to the "Delaware" people, the area was acquired from the tribe just after the revolutionary war. James Duff was the first settler in 1795 who claimed 400 acres of land in the northern part of what was to become McCandless. Soon a sawmill and gristmill sprang up along the Pine Creek. Within a year of the new industry the town also developed a weekly mail service, Inns and taverns.

Today, historical buildings still stand while the town maintains the growth and development that the early founders envisioned. This town continues to strive for the small town lifestyle combined with the diversity and technology that residents thrive on today.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreational opportunities are available for everyone who owns McCandless PA homes. Kids and adults enjoy year round activities including baseball and softball, football and hockey. There is something for anyone anytime of the year. For those who enjoy hockey, the North Allegheny Inline Hockey Club is for all kids in all grades. This hockey club uses inline skates so the sport can be played all year long.

Parks in McCandless



As with any town that promotes small town living, McCandless enjoys offering residents ways to participate in various events throughout the year. You will find the community calendar where residents find everything they need to know about the happenings in town.


The small town of McCandless is home to a number of area attractions. Those interested in history will enjoy a visit to the Town Museum.This museum offers information on everything from the early settlers to how the town is in present day. This is an ongoing project that offers everyone information into the rich history of the town.

Other Area Attractions

If you have been looking for that perfect compromise in country living and diversity, look no further than real estate in McCandless. Our team is thrilled to assist the potential McCandless home buyer to find the perfect homes for sale in McCandless. The homes in this area will exceed everything you have wanted in your new home. Contact us to see what the town of McCandless, PA has to offer.
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